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We Request Changes to Red Zone Policy for Restaurants

Streetsville BIA Port Credit BIA Clarkson BIA Cooksville Business Improvement Area and Downtown Brampton BIA are advocating for two changes to the Red Zone Policy for restaurants.
On behalf of Peel Region’s Main Street Small Businesses, we write to collectively voice our concerns over the Red Zone policies for restaurants in our region and advocate for two changes.
Our restaurant owners have proven their value, contribution, and commitment to providing a high level of safety to customers, staff, and the public who enter their establishments.
1. Amend the limit of 10 customers to 25%+ of liquor license capacity which is the same percentage that retail is allowed.
A limit of 10 customers is a one size fits all solution which is inequitable. This limits a 1000 square foot restaurant to the same capacity as a 10,000+ square foot restaurant. After analyzing the data and taking into consideration the experience of our business members operating a restaurant in this pandemic, we believe that this policy can be amended to 25%+ of liquor capacity and still keep customers, staff and the public responsibly safe. Many restaurants have larger capacities and can safely accommodate more than 10 people in their establishments because restaurants are professional, highly regulated, and follow all safety protocols put in place by our government and health officials.
This echoes the statements made by Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Mayor Patrick Brown, and Doctor Lawrence Loh who all stated on record that there have been zero cases of the virus
transmitted in Peel Region restaurants in summer and fall 2020, when restaurants had patios open and up to 50 guests dining indoors.
2. Amend last call operating hours from 9:00 pm back to 11:00 pm, replicating the policy guidelines that were put in place in the summer of 2020.
A last call time of 9:00 pm not only sacrifices a lot of sales during the prime time for restaurants but can also have a ripple effect and negative impact on the possible spread of Covid-19. In our experience, a 9:00 pm last call time is too early for many customers as it gives them very little to no time for finishing their meals and beverages. As a result, those customers often continue their evening of entertainment at another person’s home where there may not be safety protocols in place, leading to a possible spread of the virus. Alternatively, an 11:00 pm last call operating time is late enough for dining customers to finish their meals and beverages and then go home to sleep/unwind without more entertainment. In our expertise, an 11:00 pm last call closing time is
early enough to deter the late-night bar scene which is the busiest time and typically takes place between 11:00 pm to 2:00 am. We strongly believe that 11:00 pm last call time is the sweet spot for
keeping the public most safe in the Red Zone.
Our members have proven their commitment to providing the highest level of safety to customers, staff, and the public in their establishments. Please consider these two changes to the Red Zone policy and help assist in the survival of our restaurants in the Region of Peel.