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The Streetsville BIA is Hiring! *POSITION FILLED

June 2021

Streetsville Business Improvement Association (BIA) Maintenance Contract Application


To whom it may concern,

The Streetsville BIA Board of Management is very pleased to advertise the recruitment of a new Maintenance person to ensure the continued high standards of cleanliness on the Village’s roads, walkways and common areas.

Compensation will be provided for general litter clean-up and maintenance within the BIA boundaries (see attached map). As an independent contractor the successful candidate is not entitled to any benefits from the BIA.  The BIA has no liability for the withholding, collection or payment of income tax or other payroll deductions or benefits.  You will be deemed ‘self-employed’ and working independently without supervision.  You will be free to carry out your duties as it relates to the Village with an agreed upon schedule, and may arrange for supplemental maintenance help by others as required (holidays), without any liability to the BIA, and with permission from the BIA Executive Committee

Major events in the Village will require additional pre/post attention. Any assistants you may choose to retain for general maintenance during these events will be under your direct supervision and only compensated by the BIA with prior agreement. Supervision of Special Event volunteers (often students) could also be required. The four major events in the Village are:

  • Bread & Honey Festival          First weekend in June
  • Canada Day                             July 1st
  • Summer Farmer’s Market in the Village Square
  • Christmas in the Village          Third weekend in November

Smaller events will be scheduled on an annual basis.


General Maintenance Duties include:

  • Daily walk about of common areas within the Village boundaries (advise the BIA office of a weekly location plan) collecting all litter and securing contents of all receptacles. This area includes general supervision of the Main St Square, recognizing the City of Mississauga is ultimately responsible for litter and waste collection in the Square. Some overlap may also occur on the dividing lines between private and public properties within the boundaries
  • The successful candidate will report directly to the General Manager of the BIA
  • A pleasant and helpful attitude must be displayed towards patrons, citizens and business workers, as well as a presentable appearance when representing the Village
  • Reporting trouble areas as they appear to the BIA office staff will be required, as well as a timely response to BIA staff requests
  • Some common area snow shoveling, particularly around the BIA office is required
  • Private contracts on private property with business and building owners must not conflict with BIA business
  • Special Event extra hours duty is expected (major events will be compensated), along with supervision of an expanded event staff (possibly paid or volunteer assistants)
  • Based on an annually renewable contract, the typical average work week includes 2.5 hours a day x 7 days a week = 17.5 hours/wk x $22.50/hr = $393.75/wk x 4wks = Monthly base compensation of $1575.00
  • Additional Special Event Clean-up compensation includes:


-$250 Bread and Honey weekend

– $250 Canada Day

– $50 for each Farmer’s Market weekend x 10 = $500

– $250 Christmas Festival

  • Compensation for receipted maintenance supplies will be added to the annual Contract with a maximum invoice amount of $500.00/yrunless otherwise agreed upon
  • Transportation vehicles and Communication devices will be the responsibility of the successful applicant

The BIA will also cover the cost of a Commercial General Liability insurance policy based on a $2,000,000 liability policy and $5000 in contents coverage. This cost is estimated at a $1000.00annual premiumand the successful candidate will be reimbursed for the exact amount of the policy from the BIA at year end.

The successful candidate will be an energetic self starter with a pleasant public persona, willing to make a positive contribution to the appearance of the Community we are all so proud to serve

Please contact Kim Bunting in the BIA office kim@villageofstreetsville.com, or Todd Ladner info@ladnersclothiers.com (905 826 2344) to discuss further and arrange for an interview