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Save Small Business: We Are Invested In Keeping Our Community Safe

We are joining forces with our local businesses to advocate for their ability to reopen safely and keep their customers and our community safe.

Small businesses are not only the backbone of the economy but also the backbone of a strong community. Their importance to community life and character is not to be overlooked! We need our small businesses and they need us.

Join the campaign to advocate for small businesses to re-open safely!


Our declaration:

That we are ready to reopen safely. We, as a small business, are invested in keeping our customers and community safe and we will continue to do so when we are allowed to reopen.

Key Points:

  1. Small businesses underwent a huge overhaul, implementing health and safety measures, such as masks, barriers, touchless payment options, online shopping, and curbside pickup, in order to accommodate the safety of their guests.
  2. Small business retailers and services moved to appointment-based, or very limited capacity, shopping, in order to maintain physical distancing inside.
  3. Many will continue to encourage online and pick up even once opened in order to limit capacity and keep everyone safe.
  4. Small businesses have the capability and drive to maintain a safe environment in a smaller capacity, compared to the larger stores that do not have the ability to control their environment.

We must stand behind our small businesses in order to stand behind our community!

Shop small, shop local.


We encourage all small business owners, and those who wish to support, to advocate for small businesses to reopen safely by signing the CFIB “Save Our Small Businesses” Petition, which calls for businesses to reopen under strict restrictions and health and safety measures. Sign the petition here!

Any small businesses that would like to join this campaign, please get in touch with us for window signage by emailing amber@villageofstreetsville.com