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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: Royal Bank of Canada

When most people think of the Village of Streetsville, they usually think of the Village Square, one of the many local restaurants, or maybe even of its historical influence. But what many don’t think of is the RBC Royal Bank branch located at the intersection of Queen Street and Maiden Lane. This RBC branch contains much more than meets the eye and is always looking for ways to expand its reach and involvement within the community. The current branch manager Renea Asis is new to the Streetsville location and has a very modern vision for the future of this branch. Ideally, she sees RBC continuing on the road to digital enablement by promoting the convenience and accessibility of online banking, while deepening their customer relationships.

Upon entering this branch, customers will be met with the smiling faces of their many knowledgeable and friendly tellers. These employees are able to help you in a wide range of ways and are always ready and eager to answer your questions. However, the support does not stop there, as there are many additional people working beyond the front desk, including specialists and experts in a range of different areas. And if there is no one suited to your needs, then they are more than happy to reach out to another RBC location and bring in someone who has the expertise you’re looking for. Whether it be opening your own small business or an Estates appointment, RBC wants to be there for all your important life events in order to provide support and financial guidance when you need it most

RBC is striving to become more than just a bank branch to the Streetsville community, they aspire to be a hub of advice and information where anyone, customer or not, is able to walk in and have their burning questions answered. RBC is already very involved in our local community, as you may know they graciously sponsor our Canada Day Fireworks each year and this year handed out free balloons, clappers and RBC bags to the families in attendance. RBC also celebrated their 150th anniversary this year and the Streetsville branch surprised their loyal customers with cake and lemonade. It is events like these where they are able to see individuals come out and show their support, that RBC is especially proud to be a Streetsville community member.

Renea offered us some advice for beginners when it comes to digital banking, the first and simplest piece of advice is to have the RBC mobile app downloaded onto your phone so that you are always able to access your finances. The second tip is to be educated on what you as a client can do online or through the mobile app verses what you require a physical teller for. This knowledge can save clients a lot of time and frustration in the long run, and RBC employees are more than happy to walk you through this when you come into the branch. The third tip is catered more towards more senior patrons who may have difficulties using technology, as users are able to activate Siri when in the RBC app and can have her complete certain tasks for them. These include tasks such as checking an account balance or automatically setting a bill to pay. This last tip is unique to the RBC mobile app, their NOMI feature is able to manage and segment your everyday purchases so you can see the big picture of where your money is being spent, a feature that is especially helpful for small business owners.

Knowledge is everything these days and RBC’s focus on educating people about what options are available, is allowing clients all over the world to feel empowered to live better lives.

If you want to visit our local RBC branch and ask them for any support, you can find them at 189 Queen Street South from Monday to Saturday. Renea and her team of advisors and partners will be waiting to welcome the community.