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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: Myofascial Release Mississauga

When Myofascial Release Mississauga owners Justin and Nelin Krull were looking for a place to expand their business, they knew they wanted someplace with that small-town feel. As luck would have it, the perfect place became available just down the street from where they were living in Streetsville and they immediately fell in love with it. Their new location opened at 35 Thomas Street in January of 2020 and it was exactly the space they needed, with some room to customize and allow them to truly make it their own. Unfortunately, they were only open for three months before having to close due to COVID-19 restrictions, but now they have reopened and are ready to safely and effectively help a new wave of clients treat their pain issues.

Myofascial Release therapy is not easily explained in a few words, as this method of therapy is holistic in nature and requires an integrative approach to pain management. In essence, Myofascial Release is a gentle, hands-on manual therapy that helps to relieve tension in the body that is caused by the conscious and unconscious habitual movement patterns that our bodies tend to fall into. As owner Nelin Krull states “Myofascial Release is a tool that allows therapists to engage with the fascia in order to promote healing of the entire body”. This type of therapy can be beneficial for anyone who is experiencing pain, but in their experience, Justin and Nelin have found that people with chronic or long-standing pain have the most noticeable and impactful results from this treatment. They especially enjoy helping individuals who tend to have more complex issues and try to help find out what the root or causes of their pain problems are. Their mission at Myofascial Release Mississauga is to help all their clients create an opportunity out of pain, and to develop a self-care practice or routine to maintain that pain free state. This process usually includes help from other specialists on their staff, including Registered Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Life Coaches, Yoga instructors and more. The reason behind having individuals with different areas of expertise is to help each patient develop a treatment plan that works to target the specific areas they need help with. Pain is multifaceted and can be affected by so many different things such as your diet, mental health, and so on that Myofascial Release Mississauga wants to make sure they can properly address all areas of pain. 

One of the number one questions patients ask when coming in for their first time is “is it painful?”, and the answer is no! Myofascial Release is not intended to increase pain, but rather to relieve it naturally. In fact, the approach is designed to be gentle to reduce pain and promote release of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. Every client that comes through their doors is treated on an individual and personalized basis, as their Physiotherapists want to make sure they understand each client to ensure the best course of action. Owners Nelin and Justin stated that one of the most surprising things that their clients notice when coming to them for a treatment is just how much one-on-one time they spend with people. Their specialists are fully hands-on with each patient for the entire hour or more of appointment time to make sure each client receives the best care possible.

When asked what their favourite part of the job is, owners Nelin and Justin Krull had similar answers. They both truly love being able to listen to their patients and help them understand the real, underlying reason they want to be pain free and why they have come in for therapy in the first place. They enjoy being an opportunity for hope, especially for patients with more complex issues that may not have been able to find relief elsewhere. But most importantly, they want all patients that come through their practice to feel heard, and know that everyone on the team at Myofascial Release Mississauga has their best interests at heart, and will do everything they can to help them on their road to being pain free.

If you are interested in the types of treatments and services that Myofascial Release Mississauga has to offer then you can give them a call at: (289) 529-0309, or visit their website for more information and to book an appointment here: https://www.myofascialmississauga.com/