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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: Joanne Lipp European Skin Care & Electrolysis

If you are in search of a true family-run business, then look no further than Joanne Lipp European Skin Care & Electrolysis, located on 11 Main Street right in the heart of Streetsville. Joanne Lipp first opened her doors in 1962 with the vision of providing the residents of Streetsville with a truly holistic approach to skincare, and to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. Now, her daughter Gloria Lipp carries on the family tradition and strives to maintain that positive atmosphere, while still adopting and integrating new and revolutionary techniques into their everyday practices.

When it comes to the community Gloria Lipp and her staff are always right in the heart of it. Due to the fact that they were the first spa to open in Streetsville, they spent a lot of their early years advocating to residents the numerous health benefits of going to a spa. But, as we can see 55 years later their efforts most definitely paid off.

 Joanne Lipp is now on their 3rd generation of clients, with grandmothers bringing their grandkids in for their first facial or acne treatments. This is incredibly humbling to Gloria, as it means that their clients trust them to provide the services that are best suited for their loved one’s needs. Gloria believes that all who walk into her spa are family and as such, they welcome in all walks of life with open arms. They strive to find the treatments that are able to help with your specific concerns and that will not negatively impact your future health. They are able to accommodate any skin type by utilizing 15 different skincare lines and a variety of treatments, from microblading to spider vein treatments they can address it all.

 If you’ve visited The ‘Ville around the holidays then you will be very familiar with the beautiful displays Gloria and her team have been decorating their veranda for the past 30 years. From International Women’s Day to the Royal Wedding, Gloria loves to put out themed displays to celebrate any occasion. They are especially known for their Christmas themed displays and are gracious enough each year to create a magical Santa’s Village for our Christmas in the Village Festival. Gloria’s displays are a labour of love and she dedicates hours of her time to creating the themes and setting up all of the necessary props and decorations to bring her vision to life. She says that everything she does is for the community and the smiles on people’s faces as they walk by her spa are rewarding enough. However, it is not only during the holiday season that this store is beautiful to look at, Gloria takes pride in tending to the beautiful gardens outside of her shop and believes that they improve the look of the Village on the whole, and bring joy to passersby.

 At the end of the day, Gloria believes that everyone has natural beauty and that it is up to them to really enhance it. The future for Joanne Lipp ESC is to continue to help their customers stay healthy and invest in their natural beauty, but most importantly to invest in themselves.

 For more information on the types of treatments and services, Joanne Lipp European Skin Care & Electrolysis has to offer then you can give them a call: 905-858-8911, or visit their website www.europeanskincare.com