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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: Gino’s Pizza Streetsville

There is something just so unbelievably satisfying about that first bite of a hot, fresh slice of delicious pizza. From young children to grown adults, everyone loves a good slice of pizza and very few things can rival the moments of pure joy that enjoying this family favourite can bring. It is these great moments that the new franchise owners at Gino’s Pizza are striving to provide every one of their customers with. Gino’s Pizza, located at 136 Queen Street, has been a staple in Streetsville for years and now that they are under new management the owners could not be more excited to be part of our wonderful Streetsville community!

Gino’s Pizza is a true Canadian brand that opened their first store in 1981 in Oakville Ontario and has since continued to develop and grow their businesses. In fact, by 2013, they had over 100 Gino’s Pizza locations in Ontario alone! Gino’s has spent the last 39 years building their reputation among their customers as a brand that stands for good quality pizza, and when franchise owners Vincy and Rammy were looking for a new business they knew they wanted to be part of one that cared deeply about their customers and creating great food. The new owners also knew they wanted to be part of a great community, and no place was a better fit than Streetsville. They found that Streetsville was the best combination of a welcoming business environment and was filled with wonderful people who have unwavering support for their local businesses. They have especially fallen in love with this beautiful Village in The City during the COVID-19 lockdown, as the community has touched their hearts with their support towards Gino’s Pizza.

Even though pizza might be a family favourite dinner and is loved by many, there are several people who, due to dietary restrictions, may not be able to have a traditional pizza. But at Gino’s pizza there is no need to miss out on this delicious experience as they have a number of different options on their menu, including 2 different types of Gluten free crusts. They offer both a gluten free crust and a cauliflower crust, both of which are carefully crafted with ingredients that are easy to digest and taste great, which makes it easy for everyone to fulfill their pizza cravings!

Gino’s Pizza, like with many of our other local Streetsville restaurants, has had to change and adapt their practices to comply with new COVID-19 guidelines when preparing orders. Owner Vincy has stated that, while they have always taken food hygiene very seriously, given the current situation they have increased their already existing practices. In addition, they have also implemented several new public health recommendations when preparing orders such as; everyone who enters the store must wear a mask, employees are required to wash their hands after every task and high contact areas within the store are being sanitized more frequently, just to name a few. So, customers can rest assured that every precaution possible is being taken to reduce the risk of transmission and get your delicious Gino’s Pizza to you both quickly and safely. They are also offering a contactless delivery option to provide even more peace of mind to their customers.

New franchise owner Vincy says that his favourite part of the job is the ability to meet new people and build a rapport with both customers and other business owners in the area. He loves being able to really get to know each customer that comes into their business and be able to provide them with a wide range of high-quality menu items. So whether you like pineapples on your pizza or not, the new owners at Gino’s Pizza Streetsville will make sure that your pizza is made fresh, with high quality ingredients, and topped just the way you like it.


Gino’s Pizza Streetsville is located at 136 Queen Street South, and if you would like to place an order for takeout or delivery then you can check out their full menu HERE or give them a call at (905) 858-9444.