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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: F45 Training Streetsville

We have all heard the expression “no pain no gain”, especially when it comes to working out and going to the gym. But, at F45 Training Streetsville they are trying to change that mentality and take a different approach when it comes to how they help their customers succeed. Their slogan “Team Training. Life Changing” is not just a clever tagline, but rather a lifestyle and culture that they seek to create amongst their clients. F45 Training Streetsville is firmly rooted in the notion of community and providing support and encouragement to their customers to help them reach their personal fitness goals. This is what drew co-owner Shayan to the Streetsville area in the first place, as he strongly felt that that the F45 brand meshed well with what the Streetsville community already had, and that it would be a great place to grow.

F45 Training Streetsville is on a mission to make fitness more accessible to the average person, and this is done through their HIIT style workouts. High-Intensity Interval Training can sound intimidating to some people, but at F45 they believe that everyone has their own maximum level of intensity and if you are doing your best then you are doing great! Everyday at F45 Training Streetsville has a different type of workout, altering between cardio, resistance and hybrid, as this allows customers to attend sessions everyday and receive a full body workout over the course of a week. No 45-minute workout session is ever exactly the same and all of their exercises are science backed to target a variety of areas, meaning customers won’t get bored or have their results plateau. The “F” in F45 stands for functional training, which is a mix of workouts that are geared towards improving quality of life and everyday movement. From shovelling snow to picking up a baby, F45 wants to ensure you can accomplish all the physical things in your everyday life that you want to.

It is of no surprise to anyone that over the last few months our daily routines and schedules have been heavily disrupted, and this has resulted in a lot of people struggling to find time to get in a good workout. Many of us are familiar with the dreaded “Quarantine-15”, and as a result franchise owner Shayan is finding that people are hungrier than ever to come back to F45 Training Streetsville. But he is also seeing an influx of new individuals that are interested in trying something different, as being home for so long has given many people a new appreciation for self-care and making their physical health a priority.

In order to ensure that all their clients at F45 Training are safe during their workouts, there have been several new safety precautions put in place. For instance, there will be no sharing of equipment between customers, and gym space is set up so that everyone is able to complete all exercises while being well spaced apart. All equipment was previously being sanitized between sessions, but now they are disinfecting all workout spaces and equipment even more often to ensure complete customer safety and peace of mind. As Shayan stated, one of the best things about being part of a franchise is that they are able to receive best safety practices from all over the world and other locations that have also had to pivot to accommodate this new normal. This is just another way that the community aspect is perpetuated throughout all of F45 Training’s operations, as this genuine care about their customers comes from top management all the way down to each staff member.

We know that many newcomers often feel intimidated to join a gym and asked franchise owner Shayan what F45 Training Streetsville is doing to ease those worries and fears. He said that all staff at F45 Training are referred to as coaches, not trainers, because they believe in coaching people towards a better lifestyle and meeting their fitness goals. Coaches will work with you to figure out what is driving you to come to the gym in the first place, and what areas you are struggling with. Shayan says that helping a person figure out their “why” is key in helping get rid of that fear, because once you realize your “why” it becomes your motivation. During your first few sessions at F45 Training Streetsville, coaches will give you a pep talk and walk you through what to expect from a workout session. Coaches will also make sure to give you some extra attention during the session to ensure you are doing okay and pacing yourself. It is this coaching aspect that owner Shayan says is his favourite part of this job, and loves being able to help guide people towards their goals of living a fitter and healthier life. He is also incredibly proud whenever he sees before and after pictures from customers and feels very fulfilled as he watches his customers achieve their fitness goals.

If you are interested in learning more about F45 Training Streetsville or are looking to book your 7-day free trial then you can call them at: (416) 655-9364, email them at: streetsville@f45training.com ,or visit their website at: https://f45training.ca/streetsville/home