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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: Doo It Up Hair Bar

Whether you are someone who has been coming to Streetsville your entire life, or have just discovered our beautiful Village in the City, you know about many of the businesses that are located on the main street. But for those of you who are newer, you may not be familiar with some of the many other incredible businesses that lie just off the beaten path; Doo It Up Hair Bar, whilst still technically on Queen Street can be slightly out of sight. Nestled just between Country Charm and Body & Soul Spa there’s a laneway that is adorned with several flower pots and a hanging metal sign. Just down this lane on the right is one of the most unique hair salons you may ever find yourself in, and that is all thanks to owner Amanda Shaw.

Amanda’s bright and bubbly personality fills a room and her professionalism reassures you in an instant that you will be well taken care of at her salon. Amanda has been the proud owner of Doo It Up Hair Bar in the heart of Streetsville for 6 years, but her love for this Village extends beyond that, as for her Streetsville has always been the only place to call home. Amanda has been doing hair 18 years and even completed some of her apprenticeship work at other local salons in the area. She has had clients for over 10 years who now fly back to Canada just so they can get their hair done at her salon, if that’s not loyalty then we don’t know what is! Amanda values and appreciates each and every one of her clients as they have showed nothing but support throughout her entire journey. Amanda’s philosophy when you walk into her salon is that she wants you to get all of her, not just some of her. She will dedicate her time to you during every appointment, in order to create and foster a trusting relationship.

Doo It Up Hair Bar is a very intimate setting, and this lends itself to creating a very relaxed atmosphere. It is a fact that self-esteem is tied very closely with how we perceive we look and sometimes all it takes is a fresh new hair style to completely change the way you see, and inevitably the way you feel about yourself. When you look good, you feel good and Amanda makes it her personal goal to ensure that all clients feel better walking out, than they did when they came in.

When it comes to the Streetsville community Amanda loves being part of it all! She sits on the Streetsville BIA’s Board of Management with other fellow business owners, in order to provide input and advocate on behalf of her fellow small business owners. The community has done so much to support her, so she wants to do all she can to give back to our community in return. Amanda believes that Streetsville is the perfect combination of historical charm, with families that have been here through several generations, and a more modern vibe that attracts new families who bring more life into the Village. Her vision is to see everyone, residents and business owners alike, come together as a community and really grow and expand our beautiful Village in the City.


If you’re looking to get the ‘Doo of your dreams, then you can check out some of Amanda’s amazing work on her social media networks @dooituphairbar. You can also contact Amanda at 905-813-3000 or at dooituphairbar@gmail.com to book an appointment.