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Meet The ‘Ville Business Owner: Aroma Waxing Clinic Streetsville

As life slowly begins to return to normal and we welcome the Streetsville community back into our lovely Village in the City, passerby’s may notice that we have a new addition to our lineup of main street businesses. Aroma Waxing Clinic Streetsville located at 239 Queen Street South first opened their doors in Mississauga on March 16th, but had to close them just three short days later due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, good things come to those who wait and now they have reopened as of June 24th and are more excited than ever to welcome in new clients! 

When speaking to franchise owner Ingrid Rosati about why she chose Streetsville she highlights that she was very focused on making sure that they weren’t just opening another business. Ingrid is really striving for Aroma Waxing Clinic to become part of the community, one that would allow them to build and service a loyal and local customer base. She strongly felt that opening a location in Streetsville was the right choice not only for her, but because it would also be a perfect complement to the services already provided in the Village. Ingrid says she is incredibly happy to be part of the amazing Streetsville community as it provides the perfect mix of “small city charm” and “big city services”, a combination that will offer customers high quality service, while still allowing for local residents and businesses to build long lasting and trusting relationships. 

So what  makes Aroma Waxing Clinic Streetsville different from other waxing establishments you may have been to? Their “Waxperts” provide some of the fastest, cleanest and most affordable waxing and sugaring hair removal in the GTA. They also treat each client with the utmost professionalism, taking the time to explain right and wrong methods, while providing a high quality experience from the moment you walk through their doors. All Aroma waxers also care about what goes on your skin just as much as what comes off, which is why they use a natural, milk cream wax made locally in Toronto. Their sugar is also completely natural, made with sugar, lemon and water, and is designed to be soft on even the most sensitive skin. Ingrid says her favourite part of the job is seeing a client’s face after leaving a session happy and hairless. She enjoys knowing that she was able to help someone address their hair removal needs and feel better about themselves. 

Ingrid offered us some advice for clients looking to come in for their first waxing or sugaring session. The first tip is to try and make sure the hair you want to wax is ¼ inch long, or about the length of a rice grain, to ensure that the wax has enough hair to adhere to. The second tip is to exfoliate your skin prior to coming in for your service, as this will reduce the amount of ingrown hairs and create a clean finish. The last tip is to just relax and try not to worry too much, you are in very good hands and all waxers at Aroma are well trained and want to ensure a comfortable experience for you. All three Aroma Waxing Clinic locations will provide anyone, from waxing rookies to veterans, with a clean, friendly, and safe environment to have their hair removal needs taken care of. 

For more information on the types of treatments and services that Aroma Waxing Clinic Streetsville has to offer you can give them a call at: (905) 812-9299, or visit their website to book an appointment at: https://aromawcs.ca/