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Doors Open Comes To Streetsville

This year, Doors Open Mississauga turns the spotlight on the Streetsville Community.

Located on the banks of the Credit River in Mississauga, Streetsville became a village in 1858. The backbone of the new community was its five major mill sites located along a five mile stretch of the fast flowing Credit. After some time, Streetsville was recognized as “Queen of the County”.

Timothy Street built a home for his family near his mill site in 1825. It still stands on the banks of the Credit River and is part of a concerted effort by the merchants, residents, and the Streetsville BIA to ensure the heritage of the Village remains evident in everyday life. It is this balance of historical reverence and the exciting array of present-day retail shops and services that make Streetsville the original and most inviting Village in the City of Mississauga.

From live music in Streetsville Square to gardens, cemeteries and places of worship, Doors Open Mississauga-Streetsville provides an opportunity to visit and experience this vibrant cultural district.

All sites are open from 10am to 4pm unless otherwise noted.


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