Contest: Share Your Love For Streetsville

Share Your Love for Streetsville Contest!


We want you to share with us your love for our local businesses and for you to win a $300 gift card to your favourite Streetsville Business!

Email us a review (100+ words) of your favourite business in Streetsville and you will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a $300 gift card to that shop! You will get a second bonus ballot for the draw if you also incorporate a photo of the business or a photo of when you had visited the business in the past.


Please email your review to Streetsville BIA’s General Manager, Amber Pajtasz


*One review per person

*Your review will be posted on our social media and website with your first name only

*Contest closes Friday, April 3rd 2020 & the winner will be announced Monday, April 6th 2020

*The review must be on a Streetsville BIA Business. A list of all of our business can be found at

*Review must be 100 words or more

4 Comments on “Contest: Share Your Love For Streetsville”

  1. I first heard of Streetsville 10 years ago and first went finally last year to Skintricate. That place is amazing. Love the people and atmosphere. Destiny is super rad and Hollywood sure makes for an entertaining shop owner. I try and go over every few months now. The location is prime with the Starbucks down the road one way and a Tim Hortons the other. I also should say all the staff at skintricate are super helpful and even include you in the lunch orders if you are getting work done for long enough. Best shop around Ontario.

  2. My favorite business to support in streestville has been Starbucks.

    I’ve been finding my joy for coffee since my early 20s exploring different coffee shops in the neighborhood is a hobby to me and a favorite past time that I now have put on hold because of the coronavirus. I am now a regular in my late 20s to starbuck which I am grateful to be able to afford it has done so good for my mental health and also having postive interactions with the baristas have made my day.
    The gift card can help the baristas further because I would like to thank them for being there with their costumer care especially right now since they are giving back to first responders. Starbuck is one of the business still open, a lot of young 20s years old are still working and risking life to keep a business running. The gift card being spilt at the local starbucks would brighten their days even more, I would also be able to afford to tip and pay it forward to spread cheer. Starbucks has always been there for me and now I like to be there for them. They always make a smile on my face for many years to come.

  3. Our favourite Streetsville business is Cagneys. We love the warm family feeling of welcome that we always receive from the staff here and the comforting food that is served. As a family, we experienced a flood in our home this past summer and we had to live in a hotel from August to October. Visiting Cagneys for some comfort food that reminded us of the Mediterranean cuisine of home helped us to get through many family dinners. We will always remember those meals and how their staff went out of their way to welcome us and to treat us like family! For this, we want to nominate Cagneys as one of our fairies businesses in Streetsville.

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